Listen to Parents: Patricia’s Story

Listen to Parents is a series of testimonials from parents who have seen their children develop in leaps and bounds following Karen O’Connor’s Pieces of the Jigsaw© programme.

Listen to Patricia discuss her and her son’s experience with Karen O’Connor and her Pieces of the Jigsaw programme.

Patricia’s son visited Karen O’ Connor when he was six years old with disfluency issues which were brought to her attention by his school teacher. 

Patricia’s main concern was his fluency or what she knew at the time being referred to as a stammer. He couldn’t get out his words even though she knew what he was trying to say.  

After visiting the university’s Speech and Language department the advice given wasn’t helpful and that’s when Patricia decided to get another option; an assessment with Karen O’ Connor.

The holistic assessment of the puzzle helped Patricia understand the motor planning and the whole picture of her child was addressed.  Although it was totally new to Patricia she felt relieved and understood it straight away. Karen not only looked at his Speech and Language or comprehension but all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that makes up a person.

Karen helped set the foundation for Patricia’s son and it became clear that in order to reach the top the bottom needs to be set in place first. Changes started to become visible and as time passes the benefits of the home programme are becoming clearer. Patricia acknowledges that if the motor planning piece is left out then it will always be missing. 

Karen’s book along with the LiFT programme eliminated all fluency issues for her son which have now totally disappeared. His reading and handwriting also improved as well as his coordination and balance.

The results are really life-changing.


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