Listen to Parents: Helen’s Story

Listen to Parents is a series of testimonials from parents who have seen their children develop in leaps and bounds following Karen O’Connor’s Pieces of the Jigsaw© programme.

Helen discusses her experience introducing her son to Karen O’Connor’s Pieces of the Jigsaw programme and the support Karen provided from the start.

Helen speaks about her son, Bruce who was born prematurely and had a very difficult start in life. Bruce was a very anxious and uneasy baby and wasn’t hitting his development milestones. 

After seeing specialists, ophthalmologists and undergoing various tests, between 12-18 months Helen knew things with her son weren’t improving and it wasn’t just him down to him being born prematurely.

His speech was delayed and didn’t speak until 27 months and he wasn’t doing the things he should be doing at his age.      

Before his third birthday, Bruce was diagnosed with autism which was devastating for his family. After exhausting many routes for help and guidance for Bruce, Helen was put in contact with Karen O’ Connor. After the first assessment with Karen, Helen says how she felt hopeful about her son for the first time. 

Karen educated her on how to manage Bruce and introduced her to floortime strategies, the Hannon approach etc. They started seeing results. The next big move was with therapeutic listening.  Helen began to see real changes. He became calmer, his eye contact and his motivation to speak both improved. The programme is still ongoing.
Helen explains the impact that Karen O’ Connor’s programme had on herself and her son.

The results are life-changing.


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