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Frequently Asked Questions

Once your account is active, you will need to log in.

You will have received an email after signing up with a prompt to create a password.

To log in, click on the link at the top of the page "Already a member? Sign in here!" (If you are already signed in, you will not see this link). This will bring you to

Log in on this page and then return to the Members Area at

You can request a new password here.

Once you're comfortable with the section of the membership site you can navigate to the areas that you feel will benefit best.

However, the first video to watch is Karen's introduction on the members home page.

Yes, your membership will renew automatically. You will get a number of emails before the renewal date.

If you no longer want to continue your membership you can cancel your membership on your profile page.

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Your membership will run until the end of your current subscription period but you can set it to not renew.

To do so, remove your payment method from your account page ( and it will not renew and your membership will be cancelled.

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