Listen to Parents: Diane’s Story

Listen to Parent’s is a series of testimonials from parents who have seen their children develop in leaps and bounds following Karen O’Connor’s Pieces of the Jigsaw© programme.

Diane details her daughter’s diagnosis with ASD and working with the LiFT programme delivered by Karen O’ Connor.

At 14 months her daughter, Rosalie started to regress in terms of speech. After observing her over the course of a few weeks, they noticed she stopped showing interest in playing with other children and then stopped talking and walking completely.  When diagnosed with ASD it was a shock to Diane’s family as her daughter had met every milestone previously. 

After an assessment with Karen O’ Connor, Diane’s daughter started therapeutic listening for 20-25 mins per day and because of this, her child’s life has changed. 

Diane speaks about how Karen’s approach is different and how it has helped her daughter concentrate better, her comprehension has improved, she has different sounds and words, her balance and coordination have improved, her motor skills, sleeping pattern and appetite too.

Combining listening therapy and the Brushing programme has really helped Rosalie in a short period of time and the results are evident.

Diane highly recommends these proven home programmes and believes music works from the inside out and speech and language therapy works from the outside in. 


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