Early Childhood

Early Years On-line Portal for Teachers of Children with Neurodiverse needs

Developed by
Karen O'Connor & Carmel Burke,
Consultant Speech Language Therapists

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This portal has been developed specifically for Preschool teachers, AIM (Access and Inclusion Model) Support Workers ( and parents to help each child in the Early Years programme with neurodiverse needs achieve their greatest potential.

This portal shares the most effective, up-to-the-minute and most easily accessible information about how to support, develop and optimise the communication skills and sensory development of each child in the Early Years programme. The portal has been created by Karen O’Connor and Carmel Burke, Speech and Language Therapists who have over fifty years of experience combined working with children with neurodiverse needs in the Early Years programme.

It has been created as an online portal so that preschool teachers, AIMS (Access and Inclusion Model) Workers and Parents can easily and readily access answers to all their questions relating to each child’s communication development, language development, sensory development, play and social development and setting up the classroom as an optimum learning environmentAIMS 

By accessing this portal you will learn ways to:

  • deepen your understanding of each child’s sensory and communication needs within the Early Years programme
  • provide the optimum support for each child by identifying and understanding their specific sensory and communication needs
  • increase positive behaviour and communication by decreasing behaviours of concern using different sensory diet strategies and programmes
  • reduce what appears to be ‘destructive’ or ‘aggressive’ behaviours within the classroom and optimise the experience for each child in the classroom
  • optimise the child with neurodiverse needs ability to be calm, listen and learn effectively with the Early Years programme
  • improve the child’s outcomes through individualised programmes, sensory-diets, strategies and approaches
  • reduce your own stress levels by understanding better what the child with neurodiverse needs so as to reach their true potential
  • be a valuable and knowledgeable resource in the area of neurodiversity for parents and colleagues alike.

All of this will be available to you at the touch of a button on our new online portal.

We look forward to seeing you there.