Further Mentoring & Training


There are four sections to this section. The first area will be regular Q&A sessions, where you can bring your questions, and we will have monthly group sessions.

Additionally, we will provide in-house training through webinars on different approaches and programs. We will also offer advanced training with outside practitioners and provide mentoring to help you develop and enhance your skills.

We are excited to work with you through our mentoring programme. We hope you enjoy our portal, which provides resources for preschool teachers, early years teachers, parents, and special needs assistants.

Our focus is on helping children with neurodiverse or special needs achieve their greatest potential in communication and sensory development.

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In-House Training

WEBINAR 1: Early Years Communication and Sensory Programme Our in-house training may take the form of workshops, seminars, in-person or online. It can be an

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Early Years teachers can be provided with guidance, support, and coaching over the course of the year. This is useful to new or inexperienced teachers

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