Listen to Parents: Bríd & Cathal’s Story

Listen to Parents is a series of testimonials from parents who have seen their children develop in leaps and bounds following Karen O’Connor’s Pieces of the Jigsaw© programme.

Bríd details her son’s experiences with the LiFT programme as delivered by Karen O’Connor.

Bríd’s son, Cathal was assessed by Karen at the age of three years. They started the LiFT programme together. After day two, Bríd and her husband saw an improvement with Cathal when he started making eye contact.

Although their son began to have tantrums at the same time as doing the LiFT programme, Karen reassured them that he was expressing himself and that the listening therapy was working. Bríd and her husband started to see an improvement. Cathal loved music and it calmed him down in situations. 

Brid can’t stress how much therapeutic listening worked for Cathal who is now 13 and is in secondary school. His results in school surprised both the teachers and his parents. His confidence grew as did his love for music and sport. Cathal is thriving which Bríd believes is a result of early intervention with the Lift programme.

Bríd thinks without the programme Cathal definitely wouldn’t be where he is today 10 years later.


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