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Playlist 7 Videos Does My Child Really Have Autism (ASD) 0:16 Spotlight Courses The Vestibular Sense (Movement) The Visual Sense The Auditory Sense (Listening) 0:13 The Oral Sense (Taste) The Tactile Sense (Touch) The Proprioceptive Sense (Body)

Tailor Made Sensory Diets

Getting started The best way to develop a good sensory-diet for a child is to observe the child over a period of a number of days at school. Observe the child at different points over the period of the school day eg first thing in the morning, at break-time, at lunch-time, after lunch and before […]

Play & Social – How to optimise a Child’s Play and Social Development

Strategies and Approaches to developing Play and Social language Use toys and activities that the child is naturally interested in and motivated by. Move to the child’s physical level, if they are sitting on the floor, sit on the floor face to face with them. If they get up and run around, go with them. […]