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A New Online Resource for Teachers

Karen O’Connor is a consultant speech and language therapist with over twenty years of experience helping children with complex communication and sensory difficulties to achieve their greatest potential. Karen is also an advanced practitioner in sensory integration and sound therapy.

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Karen’s Approach

Karen looks at the “Pieces of the Jigsaw”, a unique way that blends together the best of speech & language therapy approaches with up-to-the-minute neuroplastic techniques, such as sound therapy, to help children to achieve the best results quickly and easily.

Karen is a clinician first and foremost but is also an author and researcher in the area of speech & language development. She would like to share her vast knowledge and experience with you so that the children in your classroom can achieve their greatest potential, communication and sensory-wise, and in so doing achieve their best potential learning.


Licenses are €50 per staff member per month, charged annually for 10 months. Each member gets access to:

  • Many groundbreaking programmes and courses, developed by Karen O’Connor, only available now on the Membership site.
  • Weeks and months of tips, techniques and in-depth courses that will help each child achieve their greatest potential.
  • Access to 25 speech therapy sessions with Karen.
  • Access to 25 sensory integrative sessions with Karen.
  • Monthly Q&A and topical webinars specifically for teachers.
  • Downloadable charts and information sheets.

How we support teachers, children and parents?

Karen created Openingyourmind.com (for use at home or at school) as a unique place to share her vast experience with parents and professionals.

If you have any children in your class who are presenting with difficulties in the areas of sensory processing, speech, receptive and expressive language, attention or learning communication, then we have the programmes for you.

It will provide teachers with the most up-to-date speech therapy and sensory information including programmes and courses developed by Karen on how to help each child, whether they have a diagnosis or not:

  • to be calm and regulated within the classroom.
  • to reduce sensory seeking behaviours within and outside of the classroom.
  • to attend and focus better at school.
  • to understand and follow language better.
  • to express themselves more fully using words, phrases and sentences.
  • to be more engaging and interactive.
  • to be in a better place to engage and learn better.

These programmes are suitable for children from 2-18 years and can be carried out at home or at school.